Group Classes

General group classes are small with a limited number of dogs to allow for individualized attention for you and your dog. All group lessons are held at the DogSense Training Facility on Drane Field Rd. Group classes include Basic Obedience, Advanced Levels 2 and 3 as well as the Beyond Basics series.

Basic Obedience

A 7-week program designed for puppies or older dogs who have had no training or dogs who do not walk politely on the leash, that means no pulling any where you go. The dogs learn basic commands that enable them to be polite members of the family. The owners begin to learn how dogs think, how dogs view situations, and how to establish themselves as the pack leader in their dog's life. Group classes are held indoors in air conditioning and are lots of fun!

Please Note: Severe aggression or serious behavior problems are addressed in the half-hour private lessons. While we have helped many owners modify their dog's behavior under the direction of Animal Services, group classes are not an appropriate venue for these issues. Please contact us to schedule private lessons.

The start of Beginners Program includes a two hour seminar where we discuss equipment, how to become your dog's pack leader, and discuss some common behavior problems and their solutions.

Behaviors that are covered in this program include...

  • Housebreaking
  • Polite leash behavior
  • Coming when called
  • Remaining in one place
  • Stopping jumping up
  • Stopping excessive barking
  • Stopping destructive chewing
  • and more

During graduation week class, students vote for the most improved dog with prizes for dog and owner! Optionally, a photographer is available to take photos of you with your dog.

Advanced Level 2 and 3 Obedience

These programs are the natural progression of the training started in the Beginners program. Perfecting leadership skills, strengthening behaviors we are creating, and continuing to work on behaviors we are getting rid of. We work on perfecting stays, leash work, and introduce off leash control.

Group Class Registration

Classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Morning classes are available on Wednesdays, please contact us for more information. All dogs must be current on all vaccines (including a kennel cough vaccine within the past 6 months and both canine influenza vaccines), must be internal parasite free, and must be on a flea/tick control like Front-line or Advantix.

A place in class can not be reserved until a $45.00 deposit towards the $120.00 tuition is received. Please print and complete Group Class Registration form so you can mail the registration in with the deposit.

Please be aware that due to insurance restrictions, children, under the age of 16, may not participate in nor observe classes. They will not be allowed into the facility where classes are being held. We appreciate your understanding and request that you leave the kids at home while you attend classes.