Doggie Day Care

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Socialize, and exercise your dog while you are not home!

Your puppy or young dog doesn't have to be lonely or stressed while you are away at work all day. Each puppy or young dog will have loads of human interaction during indoor and outdoor play time. Outdoor play is in a securely fenced area weather permitting.

Our Day care program can also support your efforts at housebreaking. Your puppy will be on a schedule during the day with us and we will provide you with additional information as to how to reinforce housebreaking at home.

All dogs must be current on all vaccines (including a kennel cough vaccine within the past 6 months and both canine influenza vaccines), internal parasite free and flea and tick free.

DogSense Obedience Day Care will be available Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) from 7:15 AM to 5:00 PM. Day Care is priced at $20 per day with discounts available for multiple days. The number of Day Care spots is limited and requires scheduling in advance. For more information or for scheduling, please call us at (863) 647-4557.

Day Care Registration

Please print and complete the Day Care Registration form prior to attendance.