About Us

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DogSense Obedience, Inc has been in business in the Lakeland, Florida area for over 10 years and is solely owned by Debbi Snyder.

We offer dog training classes for every level of obedience. Our programs are specifically designed to work with the family pet, recognizing that these experiences need to be fun for both owner and dog, not a chore. Whether you are experiencing a specific problem with your pet and are looking for private training to focus on those problems, or need assistance in teaching basic sit, walk and come commands, there is a program for you. However, we also offer more advanced levels of training right through competition training keeping in the same philosophy .

While competition requires a high degree of focus and concentration, our instruction techniques keep fun at the forefront. We believe that any dog can be successful while competing, if proper effort is made to prepare him. But this does not need to be all work and no play. Actually, quite the opposite! By keeping the fun in place, competition events can be a great bonding opportunity with your pet as well as a a fun recreational exercise for you.

Our objective is to help people understand their dogs better, to help them develop a better relationship with their pet, and to ultimately realize that their canine friend CAN be a well-mannered, polite family member, and a pleasure to be around. By creating a happier, well-behaved pet, we feel DogSense can help keep dogs in their homes and reduce the number of dogs that are given away or surrendered to a shelter...or worse.

Whatever your training needs, we are here to help. Please feel free to call and ask us any questions you might have.

Debbi Snyder - Owner

Debbi Snyder and Rhett "A lifetime resident of Lakeland, Florida, I began training my family dog at the tender age of 8-10 years old. The first formal dog obedience class I attended was a couple of years later with the new family puppy. I was hooked! By my late teen years, I was teaching dogs basic manners for family friends and within a few more years I began teaching obedience classes at a local dog club.

After several obedience competitions, I quickly took the next step and started studying with top trainers throughout the country, studying pack behavior, and learning how dogs think. I went on to develop my own training program, teaching classes to the public, and working on severe behavior problems.

Dog training has become my lifetime passion. My objective is to help people understand their dogs better, to help them develop a better relationship with their pet and ultimately realizing that their canine friend CAN be well-mannered, polite, and a pleasure to be around. By helping create a happier, well-behaved pet, I feel we can keep dogs in their homes and reduce the number of dogs that are given away or surrendered to the shelter...or worse."

Debbi Snyder has earned 25 titles in competition, including an Obedience Trial Champion,a conformation championship, and an Earthdog. She has trained service dogs for the handicapped, and is a volunteer evaluator for Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (emotional therapy dogs).

Nancy Cobb - Instructor

Nancy Cobb Nancy Cobb began taking classes with Debbi and DogSense when she got her second Australian Shepherd in 2001. Nancy's first aussie, Sheba, was one of those dogs that just reach out and grab your heart and won't let go. When Sheba was at the end of her long happy life, Nancy couldn't imagine her life without another aussie. That's when Blazing Dixie Fire (aka Darby) entered the picture. Darby was a typical, very challenging, aussie puppy. Quickly realizing the huge benefits of obedience training and the bond that you forge with your dog, Nancy was hooked. "Debbi just seemed to 'get it' when I related some of the challenges I was facing with this totally out of control puppy. Her insight and pep talks were what kept going." Darby trained for fun for several years before the competition bug wormed it's way into the Cobb household. Darby has some physical challenges that will prevent her from being extremely competitive in the highest level of obedience but she still has a great time training and learning new things, even at almost 9 years old. Rally Obedience has recently proven to be Darby's cup of tea. Nancy and Darby have earned the Canine Good Citizen designation as well as CD and RN titles. Nancy's goal for their team is a RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) title.

When Darby was 5 years old, Nancy started looking for another aussie puppy with the hopes of obtaining a K9 partner that would enjoy the chance to compete at the highest levels of obedience. She found that puppy in Boomerang's I Made A Wish, CGC (aka Dixie). Dixie is nothing if not a handful and a challenge but she and Nancy are well on their way to what is sure to be a fun rollercoaster ride through the obedience world

After training as a student for several years, Debbi asked Nancy to assist with some classes. That led to Nancy becoming an instructor with DogSense. "I never thought I would get as much enjoyment out of training others to train their dogs as I did in working with my own dogs but I really do. Whether it's helping someone work out a behavior problem or listening to someone tell a funny story about their dog's latest antics, it's just a great time. As far as DogSense students who compete, I think I get more nervous watching them in the ring than I do when I'm in there with one of my own dogs."